THIS IS MY HOUSE! Using Entrepreneur Characteristics to Improve Your Life (Part 1)

Entrepreneurs are not just business owners.  They are everywhere – managing departments, directing organizations, running households, overseeing projects, handling customer bases, leading fund raisers and raising children.

According to Wikepedia an Entrepreneur is a:  “Type of personality who is willing to take upon himself/herself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome.”  The word comes from an Old French word entreprendre meaning “to undertake.”

Organization and agency directors seldom think this term applies to them because the term is normally capitalized – Entrepreneur – as if it is a title.

As an organization/agency director, getting comfortable with the Entrepreneur inside of you will help you improve all aspects of your life.  Honing the Entrepreneur skills you already possess will make you more successful in anything you undertake.

Here are some of the key Entrepreneur characteristics that can enhance the various parts of your life:

Ownership – Whether it is your organization, a project, a daily task or a campaign, understand that it belongs to you.  Treat it the way you treat anything that you own.  Accept the risks, nurture it, protect it, make it look good, enjoy the positives and overcome the negatives.  Ownership means you are invested in something and if you are invested you will work for success.  If you do not feel that you own it, the outcome will be totally dependent on someone else.

Organized – Organization is in the eyes of the beholder.  So use the methods and tools that work best for you and don’t worry if someone else tries to get you to do it their way.   But it is vital that you are organized in a manner that helps you accomplish the desired end result and retain your sanity.   Being organized usually involves having a plan, having appropriate information and/or tools and having a process that makes sense.   For instance: if you are in charge of a silent auction, a process will maximize proceeds and minimize frustration; if you are hoping for a donation a plan will make you proactive, which increases your chances.

Clearly Defined View of Success – Success is not the same for every person or every organization in every situation.  An Entrepreneur goes into a venture with a clear definition of what success will be.  If you can clearly describe what will be a successful project, day, event, assignment, negotiation, etc. you are more likely to attain that success and a sense of fulfillment.  If you do not have a defined view of success you will not know it if hits you in the face.

Flexible & Creative – Although you have already been encouraged to be organized, be careful not to be obsessive.  No matter how well you have planned and prepared, something outside your control will likely happen that will throw you off course or slow you down.  Do not stubbornly stay with your plan or process if it stops working.  We are often told to make lemonade when given lemons or to see obstacles as opportunities.  That is not always easy.  But if you incorporate flexibility and creativity into everyday life you can adapt any plan, process or situation to the current circumstances.  Again, less frustration – more success.

Self Disciplined – An Entrepreneurial organization director has no one else to blame, often no one to make decisions, and certainly no one to save the day.  If a director has no self-discipline, he/she soon has no organization.  Self-discipline is equally important in anything you may undertake.  If you are baking goodies for a bake sale you must exercise enough control not to sample too much or you will eat the profits and the evidence will show up on your thighs.  When you are working on a project that has a deadline you must be disciplined enough to not wait until the last minute to complete tasks, because something unforeseen will happen.

Be sure to read the second part of this blog.

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  • aprilcline  On August 1, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    Janet I really like the way you’ve organized your thoughts to help me, as a reader, think about my house and my business in a different way. This sounds like such a no brainer but I appreciate you pointing this out to me! Thank you!


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